The Good News of Jesus Christ will change young men’s lives. Young men can have a misconception of what having a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about. Quite often our culture will tell us that if we pursue a life in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church that we will miss out on all the fun. However we are living in a time where what it is to be a man is not understood and so the culture among men culture is at a low. We see men suffering from depression. We have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. We see the breakdown in marriages and families. How is our culture related to these recent figures?  Why is it that our country with all it has to offer, is failing to fulfill our men?

What is our culture doing to  portray the true identity of men? Unfortunately, our culture often struggles to identify authentic masculinity, preferring instead to give the limelight to a more shallow, self-gratifying model of manhood.

Frassati Australia believes it is essential to engage young men in the Catholic faith and provide an opportunity for men to encounter Christ so that they can live an authentically Catholic life.

A relationship with Jesus will change your life. The men of Frassati Australia, through our high school, university and workplace experiences, have realised that there is a lack of strong role models who share this message with young men. We want to make a difference. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati is a genuine and reliable examplar of true Catholic manhood.